Wedding, 1st Nov 2008

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The guests arrive What a staircase Georgina Vic, Sophia, Joanna
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same again Alexis and Gabriella meet Rog, looking wonderful
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The grand entrance Joe making sure the bride didn't fall Giving away Angie, Chlöe, Amie the bridesmaids
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Some silly bride put her chair on her dress yes! married! Rog said I was one big grin
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Alexis and Kamilah Alexis, Kamilah, Isabella, Alex Alexis, Kamilah, Isabella
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Georgina fiddling with Sophia's hair Reception
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Vic, Joanna, Tracey Georgina, Jean The happy couple
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One Big Grin Waiting for the confetti Confetti
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I'm not sure what Jean had found on my dress... could be anything Somehing blue! A Betty Boop moment
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Tania, Tracey, Joanna Joe - he did a great job that day
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Sophia and Georgina Thomas, Lee, Ema, Joe Chris, Bill Jean, Sophia
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Top table Chris, Angie, Amie Oh dear!
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Joe, Chris, Angie, Amie Lee
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Wedding chese - thanks for sorting that out Sav Us with our Australian guests

Last updated: 20/11/08